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We rarely think of our walls as art pieces to be proud of; but with Jotun Lady Design Paints, your walls can become doors to any world you wish to go. Jotun Lady Design Paints can give your walls colour, texture, and depth to help you achieve all your design goals. The look of your home can now keep changing with every new inspiration that comes to you.


Serenity and coolness of the sea


Airy and rustic feel in your rooms


Sleek, contemporary designs wall décor paints



Chic and abstract look for your walls


Instant glamour in your home


The charm of ancient times




From sand dunes to the white shore of the beach, what you may think is a mirage, is actually real.

Dive into a world of serenity with the hidden natures of the deep blue. From turquoise seawaters to the grainy effect of the sandy beds and everything in between, the deep blue is wide open here for you.


Let shades of blue, coral and sand set the mood of your home as you lie back and set adrift into bliss upon waves of admiration.

1. Blissful Waters

2. Breeze

3. Ocean Rush

4. Serenity

5. Crystal Coral

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With every drop of water, life grows and lends itself to many colours and appearances.

Voyage from the comfort of your living room to a world where tranquility rules supreme.


Surround yourself with nature’s rustic warmth as you venture forward into the great outdoors - a forest where sunlight flickers from dim to bright.


Where you find every type of natural finish to bring home.

1. Forest

2. Distressed Wood

3. Beach House

4. Sail Boat

5. No Trace

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The strength of modernity is in its simplicity.

Even art doesn’t have to be overcrowded to be appreciated. And what‘s modern doesn’t necessarily have to be loud. A touch of simplicity can do the trick. After all, perfection is not when there’s nothing to add, but when there’s nothing to take away.


Capture the essentials of style and charisma to give your home edges and curved lines, sleek touches and daring designs. Set the trends across your walls and showcase a room like no other.

1. State of the Art

2. Metallic Linen

3. Dabbed

4. Grey Scale

5. Cutting Edge

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Wish upon every diamond in the sky.

Enter a world of wonder, and turn your home into a fairy tale - a dream. One of a beautiful wedding, where the walls glimmer as people move. Where a mother so eloquently gives her daughter advice before her big day and fills the room with joy. Dressed in white, it’s time to dance under the starry midnight sky, one that highlights every perfection underneath.


The reality is that now with walls covered in diamonds, you’ll fade into that dream over and over again.

1. Diamonds

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The beauty we find in nature and art is that we all see it differently.

Make the walls of your home stand alone as individual marvels, or let them connect as one overall masterpiece.


Express yourself with rich colours and textures that go beyond the borders of a canvas. It’s your masterpiece that awaits you.

1. Masterpiece

2. No boundaries

3. Loft

4. Daydream

5. Relaxation

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Step away from the ageing stone of Europe into the glamour of Arabian vintage.

You’ll find your walls are bound to resonate that antique finish with a variety of patterns of metal effects and brushed setting.


The traditional Arabian design motifs can introduce golden glimmers, sunlit corridors, and ornate architectural detail to fill your home with warm opulence.

1. Precious Metals

2. Rusted Copper

3. Desert Sky

4. Golden Pixels

5. Mosaic

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Let us take a walk through time.

Where you can rebuild the great walls of every generation on the walls of your home. Treat them with a variety of stone colours and textures, and let history inspire the future to create that authentic look. Make your home your pillar of strength.


1. Traver tine

2. Time Craft

3. Basalt

4. Natural Stone

5. Blue Sandstone

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The worlds love affair with Italy continues.

The place where your senses are exposed and your heart only falls in love. Where the art, the paint and the craft is timeless. Where the sound of violins resonates as you float through beauty on a gondola. Where the aged stone of the remaining empire is still standing proud. Where the aroma of the freshest ingredients fills the room as a homemade meal is cooked.


We understand. So bring Italy home with walls that capture every moment in texture and colour.

1. Romano

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